Plans and Pricing

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Storage quota is based on all backups combined. Once the quota is filled, the oldest backups will start to drop even before the retained period is reached.

We recommend at least 7 times the size of a single backup. For instance, if your single backup size is at 100MB, it takes 700MB to keep 7 most recent backups.

Retained backups

The maximum number of days for which backups are retained. We keep daily backups for recent, and weekly and monthly for older backups.

Older backups beyond this limit will be dropped automatically even before the storage limit is reached.

Backups are compressed

Backups are compressed and stored in a gzip format. If your data is 100MB in size on your server, it is expected that the actual backup size will be something around 20MB.

Single file size limit

We have a 16 GB single file size limit after compression.

Full dump backups are intended for moderately loaded databases due to the contention for the disk I/O.