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Database Backup To The Cloud

Don't mess with cron. Manage backup from the browser.

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Safe and Secure

Your backup data will be securely stored on Amazon S3, daily and weekly. With Dumper, you will have off-site vaulting. Even if you already have a backup system, adding multiple levels of redundancy is a good idea, as Dumper is amazingly affordable.

Monitoring and Alerts

Not only do we diligently work to provide the most reliable backup service, we monitor the status of your individual database backups as well. Whether it be a failed operation or continuous inactivity, we alert you and work with you.

Built for Developers

Here is the untold truth: surprisingly many developers don't have a backup system on their database. It sounds crazy, but it’s the reality.

We want to solve the problem in a way that no one thought was possible – provide a carefully designed backup service that just works.

If you've already established a production backup system...

Are you sure you're doing it the right way?

How does Dumper work?

Dumper supports two ways of performing backup.

Using Rails?


Install a gem.

If you're using Ruby on Rails, it's really easy.

Add gem 'dumper' to your Gemfile, and you're set.

Once a day, we send a cue to your server, your server dumps a backup and uploads it to Amazon S3. We check if everything is good, and if not, we send an email alert to you.

Not using Rails?


Let us fetch your data.

Once a day, we directly connect to your database and take a backup using a rock-solid utility like mysqldump, pg_dump or mongodump.

That means, you need to open up a TCP port for us. We give you detailed instructions on how to configure your firewall.