We pull your data. No installation needed.


Here's a quick look at the setup process.

With this setup, you will register your server's host and port, so that we can directly connect to your server, fetch the data and make a dump for you. You don't need to install anything on your server, but you do need to open up your firewall to let our servers in to do the job. We provide instructions below.

Start from this page.

Step 1: Connectivity


First, we check connectivity from our servers to your database.

In this step, we'll guide you how to setup ufw or iptables to allow Dumper. If you're using Heroku Postgres or mLab, it just works and you don't have to do anything.

Step 2: Credentials


Next, enter a database user and password. We use this user to login and take backups of your database. If possible, read-only users are preferred.

Step 3: Database


Finally you enter the database name you want to backup.

That's it!

Now we connect to your database, run a backup, and upload the compressed backup to Amazon S3.

You're free to download backups anytime!

You'll be able to take a manual backup anytime you want, too.


When you restore, decompress the .gz file into a plain .sql file, and then run the following command.

mysql -u root MY_DATABASE < MY_DUMP.sql

Having trouble?

If you have a problem in any of these steps, visit our troubleshooting section, or shoot us an email at any time. We'll be happy to answer any questions!